Education in Russia
for Foreigners

A new digital super service from Rossotrudnichestvo
Students from other countries will be able to apply for studies in Russiaand observe the admission campaign via the internet. The super service will give multi-language support for solution of organisational and household matters during admission and studies. There will be no travel and accommodation costs at the admission phase anymore.
Education in the Russian Federation for Foreigners super service
In 2019, a target model of the Education in the Russian Federation for Foreigners super service was developed as part of the Digital Public Administration federal project and approved by the Digital Public Administration task force of ANO Digital Economy.

Based on the target model, the super service will help accelerate and facilitate addressing the challenges an applicant is facing, by providing common access to the services (both during execution of documents and arrival in Russia, and during stay).

Within a year from its commercialisation, it is expected to attract at least 1 million users (foreign school students, applicants, their parents, graduates, employees of federal and regional executive authorities, for-profit and non-profit organisations).

Adoption of the super service will have the following main effects:

Reducing the number of required trips for applicants to Russian centres of science and culture or embassies of the Russian Federation.

Enhancing the transparency of competitive admission, by publishing the admission results in all stages and the capability to appeal electronically.

Harmonising admission campaign timing for foreign applicants and the main admission campaign of educational institutions.

Better implementation standarts and quality of inter-departmental interaction in the engagement of foreign students.

Decreasing the number of complaints, lawsuits related to deficiencies of career guidance and informing the candidates about specific features of training under the selected programmes at educational institutions.

Upgrading the level of comfortable stay in the Russian Federation, while studying.
The super service advantages
IHL and programme selection
A prospective student may choose the IHL in view of his/her capabilities and development prospects.
Electronic filing
Filing an application and documents from anywhere in the world.
Saving money
No spending on travel and accommodation during admission and execution of documents. All to be done online.
Legal support
Access to information about features of staying in Russia: visas, migration records, registration.
New digital capabilities
for foreign applicants

Searching for and comparing educational programmes from Russian IHLs assessible by quotas, preferential terms, and on commercial basis.
Filing of appeals and complaints.
Electronic filing of applications and documents.
Personal assistant in legal and other matters.
Competitive admission by remote technology.
A marketplace of privileged functionality and services (transport, health, museums and shows).
Online monitoring of competitive situation, receiving of notices and advisory messages.
Information about migration rules that apply in Russia, a notice of the sequence of actions.
3 million
How the super service will progress
Creation of the Education in the Russian Federation for Foreigners super service is expected to comprise 2 stages.

In stage 1, by the end of 2020, it is planned to complete description of all target processes and development of all the required design and engineering documentation, and generate the working prototype of the super service: the portal will be launched.
In stage 2, by late 2021, it is planned to generate module components to perform integration with external services , to carry out preliminary integrated testing, to debug the integration interaction of the existing modules, to hold a trial run of the super service by engaging a limited number of countries within the scope of the pilot admission campaign, and to commercialise. The super service may come useful in selecting an educational programme and the field of training.
Common web portal with detailed terms and conditions of studies in Russia launched.
Prospective students from 20 countries may pass video interviews and get through exams online.
The ability to get enrolled to an IHL via the super service is accessible to prospective students from more than 100 countries.
3 million users of the super service by 2024.
Key goals by the end of 2021
Candidates from all countries (100+) filed the documents electronically, via the super service.
At least 1 million potential users.
100% of Russian IHLs engaged in admission of foreign candidates remotely participate in the online admission campaign in all stages.
In 2021, Rossotrudnichestvo commences a super service Education for Foreigners in the Russian Federation, which will help students from other countries under a simplified procedure. What's the trick?
Unfortunately, at the moment we do not have in place any effective public tool to engage foreign students.

No reliable information exists about programmes, conditions of studies and accommodation in Russia in a prospective student's native language, so the child has to personally visit the consulate at least 5 times to file the application and pass the tests. The guys often use fee-based services which are nontransparent, so it is hardly possible to track the whereabouts of a foreign prospective student from the time of filing to arrival in Russia. And, they do not guarantee admission into a Russian IHL.

What do we offer? A single hub, the common portal will gather several interrelated services to help a child from anywhere in the world, via a mobile phone and a computer - and in the future possibly via the terminals at Rossotrudnichestvo's representative offices abroad, to easily complete an application to study in the Russian Federation, in just one click/tap. No need to search for a "guide" and pay the relevant services (that happens), no need for additional visits to the consulate… Examinations and interviews will be available online. And, find out right away, whether admitted or not. In each stage a prospective student will be able to get consultations from Rossotrudnichestvo experts.

Hopefully, it will soon be possible to open the student visa for a period of 5-6 years

Nowadays, the time from application to decision-making takes half a year. During that six months a child can change his/her mind, change for another IHL in a different country. With a system like this, we will be proactive. It offers full support to a foreign prospective student on the way to a Russian IHL. And more than that.

After the student comes to Russia, the super service will help call a taxi in the native language, find out how to extend the visa, where to seek legal support, places to earn some money, a cafe to eat, a facility to get medical aid, and so on. All that information will be close at hand – in our super service, namely in that student's smartphone. The features will include a sos button, and a personal ID using which a student can be found if lost or got into the straits.

We intend to populate the service with plenty of interesting information, which may help make the right choice of the IHL and the region to visit: weather, nature, architecture, sightseeing destinations, and, most importantly, virtual tours of universities, dormitories, libraries.

Full text of the interview:
The Federal Agency for the Commonwealth of Independent States, Compatriots Living Abroad and International Humanitarian Cooperation (Rossotrudnichestvo) has been carrying out the activities intended to promote the geopolitical interests of Russia in the fields of culture, education and new technologies, and solidifying international relationships, while staying true to the principles of high professionalism, efficiency and sustainability.