The project has been created with the support of Rossotrudnichestvo as part of the federal project Personnel for Digital Economy in line with the national programme Digital Economy of the Russian Federation
E-Library for Digital Cooperation (ELDC) is a platform that provides free access to digital copies of textbooks, e-books, online courses and multimedia resources providing cultural and educational content in Russian.

The key idea behind ELDC is to promote and share the expertise in creating a digital information portal to support Russian-speaking people abroad, including students and staff of Russian schools and Russians living abroad, as well as foreigners who are interested in the Russian language and culture.

ELDC uses various educational, teaching and online resources of Rossotrudnichestvo, Russkiy Mir Foundation and top Russian universities, including RUDN, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Pushkin State Russian Language Institute, Bashkir State University and other humanitarian institutions on a vast number of topics related to the Russian language and Russian culture. These include books, collections of poetry, textbooks, learning aids, encyclopedias, dictionaries, multimedia materials as well as materials and collections of conferences, forums and symposiums aimed at promotion, support, development and preservation of the Russian language and culture, raising awareness about the Russian culture and achievements of Russian education.
The digital educational content of the E-Library contains two digital textbooks and 50 digital copies of printed textbooks on the Russian history, culture, geography and language.
The ELDC portal is accessible from any place around the world where they have the Internet connection and does not require authentication.
The portal contains diverse information related to learning the Russian language and the Russian social and cultural environment and can serve as a tool to gain knowledge in various areas of expertise in Russian.
The portal offers a feedback feature via librarians, who can be asked any questions related to the portal functionality or studying and using the materials of the E-Library.
ELDC, accessible at https://roslib.rudn.ru/, can become a source of guidance for Russian language teachers and teachers of Russian schools abroad.
The e-library also contains links to multimedia resources that are helpful for learning Russian and getting familiar with the Russian social and cultural environment. The portal provides content about memorable dates and news in various areas of life such as science, culture, student life, digital economy, education, Russian language in Russia and abroad. You can contribute to ELDC by publishing materials that serve the purpose of building a single ICT environment to promote digital cooperation. Contributors can add any literature for learners and teachers, fiction, descriptions and links to open online courses and educational lectures, descriptions and links to multimedia, video and audio resources, news and events.

The library contains educational and teaching literature in Russian in various fields of knowledge as well as materials of conferences, dictionaries, audio lectures, video lessons, fiction and children books. The Digital Education module includes descriptions of massive open online courses (MOOC) and provides links to the relevant platforms.

Educational module
The educational module contains massive open online courses (MOOC) developed by Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (RUDN University) and two digital pedagogy and Russian culture awareness MOOCs.

Digital Pedagogy
The Digital Pedagogy MOOC provides 8 academic hours' worth of material to train teachers and staff of Russian schools abroad in the competencies needed to use up-to-date teaching and learning technologies and tools in a technologically-advanced educational environment and is intended to become an aggregator for educational courses.
Russian Cultural Heritage in the Multi-Language World
The Russian Cultural Heritage in the Multi-Language World MOOC provides 8 academic hours' worth of material aimed at raising global awareness about the Russian culture and showcasing digital capabilities of presenting educational material in the form of online courses, which will also improve the level of digital literacy of the learners.
How do I become a member of the E-Library?
It is simple. The E-Library is a freely and publicly accessible resource, so all you need to do is to visit the website of ELDC. Currently, no registration is required.
How are new books added to the E-Library?
New books and new digital educational products can be added to the E-Library in a number of ways. Each visitor can become a contributor provided that all copyright and internal review requirements are met.
What will I find in the E-Library?
On the portal, you will find extensive information in the form of books, literature for learners and teachers, fiction, dictionaries, materials of conferences, children books, Russian folklore, etc. The Digital Education section contains descriptions of massive open online courses (MOOC), educational video lectures and links to the source websites where you will be able to watch them or start the training. The Multimedia Resources section provides a selection of the most interesting video and audio materials and links to watch or listen to them.
How many books are in the E-Library?
To date, the E-Library contains more than 160 books, including almost 80 books on learning and teaching.
What books are currently popular?
Popular books are listed in the Recommended by Librarians section, which you can find on ELDC homepage.
How can I ask a question to a librarian?
Each librarian has their own areas of competence. To contact a librarian, choose the required competences, fill in the form and provide the contacts for response.
The mission of the E-Library is to promote the Russian language, Russian culture and Russian education abroad and make them more accessible through contemporary ICT and digital technologies.
Mikhail Popov, Head of Educational and Scientific Projects, Rossotrudnichestvo
The project is supported by:
The mission of the Federal Agency for the Commonwealth of Independent States Affairs, Compatriots Living Abroad, and International Humanitarian Cooperation (Rossotrudnichestvo) as part of the federal project Personnel for Digital Economy in line with the nationwide programme Digital Economy of the Russian Federation is to secure, through its events and initiatives, Russia's geopolitical interests by promoting cultural exchange, education and new technologies, as well as to build stronger relations and cooperation worldwide by preserving the highest level of professionalism, efficiency and sustainable development.