Digital library from Rossotrudnichestvo and LitRes
My Russian project is based on LitRes: Libraries and enables the libraries from Russian centres for science and culture (RCSC) to issue the readers e-books using the book loan system.

The readers of libraries get free access to more than 250,000 e-books (popular newcomers, bestsellers and Russian classics).
Getting the book quickly from any location via the Internet is the primary advantage of the system. And, easy reading in any devices, such as desktops, laptops, tablets or smartphones (including offline).
250 000
The books are offered for reading via any PCs, tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices (Android, iOS, Windows).
To get a library card, please apply to a librarian at any Russian Centre for Science and Culture (Rossotrudnichestvo representative office), provide
your name and surname;
date of birth (day, month, year);
your email or cell phone number.
The librarian will create an electronic library card, send the personal login and password to your email.
Using that login and password, at any place with internet access you will be able to sign in at or mobile applications ( and proceed to reading.
What is an RCSC?
RCSC means Russian centres for science and culture in various countries.
1. Engaged in international engagement programmes for the development of humanitarian, science and engineering, cultural and information communications.

2. Give the foreign community an insight into the history and culture of peoples of Russia, its domestic and foreign policy, scientific, cultural and economic potential.

3. Establish and develop contacts and cooperation with creative, cultural and educational entities from other nations, learning Russian in those nations, returning to Russia the cultural values removed abroad.

4. Develop ties with international, regional and national governmental and non-governmental organisations, utilise the RCSC information capabilities.

5. Arrange advisory and advertising efforts in the field of science and engineering.

1. Popular newcomers and recognised bestsellers
2. Books that won national and international awards
3. All Russian classics

90 630
book loans in 2019
In 2019, the My Russian digital library can boast more than 90,000 book loans, and free access to it is available at the web portal of the System to Support Russian Schools Abroad or at websites of Rossotrudnichestvo's foreign representative offices.
What if no library connected to LitRes: Library project exists in your community?
Describe your problem to LitRes by email, to get the further instructions.
Will a book received from the library stay with the reader forever?
No, a book is loaned for 14 days and will be accessible to the reader during that period. To keep the book forever, you can buy it by clicking/tapping Buy on the book page.
Why can some books be issued right away and others need to be requested and awaited?
It depends on the book loan settings for your reader card. For instance, you can only take 3 books on your own, and the rest will only be available upon request. Contact your library to have the settings changed.
How many books can a reader have on hands at a time?
The librarian will give you the details when issuing the reader card. Once you have the reader card on hand, feel free to find out this information in your account.
Why can a reader be denied a book?
The causes can be as follows:
- the reader has requested too many books at once;
- the reader has requested a very expensive book.
Contact your library or LitRes support team to find out the details.

How do I contact the support team?
In case of difficulty send your question to or contact the support team by dialing 8 800 333-27-37 (toll-free in Russia).
LitRes customer support service is open daily, from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. (UTC+3).


Searching, receiving and reading books
The digital library website offers enormous numbers of interesting e-books in various genres. The reader can get any of them, if eligible by age.

Use search to quickly find the book of interest. Enter the author's name or title of the book in the search field and click/tap "Find". The most relevant entries for the query will be prompted at the entry phase, these can be viewed right away.
In the book page you can check out its description, feedbacks, read a free fragment, save the book for later use by clicking/tapping "Save". To get the book in the library, click/tap "Get from the library". The book will be issued straight away, and you will be able to proceed to reading after clicking/tapping "Read online". You can also buy the book you liked, just click/tap "Buy and download".
Use arrow buttons on the keyboard or mouse wheel to scroll through the book.
Once you finish reading, you do not need to "return" it to the library; it shall be returned automatically after the loan period expires, of which you will get a notice to your email.

Instead of "Get from the library" the book page may show the button "Request from librarian". It means you cannot get the book instantaneously. First, you need to request the book and wait for a while for the librarian to issue it. However, you always have the opportunity to buy a book by clicking/tapping "Buy and download".
After the librarian approves your request and issues the book, you get a notice to your email.

The book issued will be added to section "My books" →"From library".

This section will display any and all books you receive from the library (or issued by the librarian). And, you will not have to search for them again.

In some cases, the book issuance may be denied by the librarian. In that case you will also get to your email a notice stating the reason for denial.
The Federal Agency for the Commonwealth of Independent States, Compatriots Living Abroad and International Humanitarian Cooperation (Rossotrudnichestvo) has been carrying out the activities intended to promote the geopolitical interests of Russia in the fields of culture, education and new technologies, and solidifying international relationships, while staying true to the principles of high professionalism, efficiency and sustainability.