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«Baltic Sea Digital Event»
Baltic Sea Digital Event is an international competition for young application developers involving the use of distributed ledger technologies, big data and modern telecommunication technologies.

During the event, programs and apps for a wide variety of applications integrated into the digital reality will be developed and evaluated by the highly qualified jury.

Workshops from our partners are planned as part of the hackathon program.
Ultimate champion
Best gaming solution and best mobile solution
Including Gamification, Cyber Security, Finance and Trade
Most creative solution
No sector
Best educational idea
Sectors: Education and HR, Finance and Trade
Best solution of social significance
Sectors: Government and Society, Education and HR
Best applied solution
No sector

Countries that will host the events of this project:
Mexico City, Mexico
5-6 December
São Paulo, Brazil
10-11 December
Technologies have to be used for solving problems in the following fields:
State and society
Creating solutions concerned with the functioning, evaluating and improvement of efficiency of public and social institutions and related units.
Marketing and advertisement
Development of marketing systems, systems of attraction clients and interaction with them, systems of the analysis of the market, a product output on the market, distribution system, consumption, and pricing.
Media and entertainment
Developing and updating of products in entertainment, communications and media fields.
Education and staff members
Creation of educational and development products, projects and systems, as well as internal systems of recruitment, evaluation, development, and motivation of staff members.
Hackathon is aimed at decisions with the use of technologies:
Technologies related to studying the nervous system and effect on its functioning;
Big Data
Technologies related to the processing of a huge amount of raw data;
Artificial Intelligence
Systems' capacity to serve functions which are traditionally represented as human functions;
Technologies of visualization and simulation of other senses in virtual world;
Wireless communications technology
Wireless information transfer technologies;
Robotics and sensors
Technologies related to robotics and sensors (actuating devices).

Countries that will host the events of this project:
Nice (France)
Mons (Belgium)
The goal of the hackathon is to develop solutions based on neurotechnology and AI, VR and AR, big data, wireless technologies, robotic components and sensor technologies and to find practical applications for these solutions.

The project is supported by the Federal Agency for the Commonwealth of Independent States Affairs, Compatriots Living Abroad, and International Humanitarian Cooperation (Rossotrudnichestvo) as part of the federal project Personnel for Digital Economy in line with the national programme Digital Economy of the Russian Federation according to Decree No.547 of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 3 May 2019 On Approval of the Guidelines for Issuing Grants in Form of Subsidies from the Federal Budget to Non-Profit Organisations for Events Aimed at Promoting Best Practices of Improving Digital Literacy among Students of Russian Schools Abroad.
Free-of-charge participation
None of the participants pays an entrance fee at the hackathon. The right to determine the country (France or Belgium) to which the finalist will be sent remains with the Organizer
The participants must be aged 18 or older and must not be employed with / have any other contractual relationships with the organisers or partners.
Online application
The participants must complete online registration (apply for participation) on the hackathon web portal.
Offline registration
The participants of the hackathon offline round must complete offline registration.
Non-refundable travel costs
The cost of travel to the hackathon venue is fully borne by the participants.
Free accommodation
Accommodation and full board are paid by the Organiser.
Visa support
The organisers provide visa support by issuing invitations only. The participants must at their own expense independently apply for a visa.
The participants must bring their own equipment (laptops, computers, etc.) and software for developing and showcasing their software products.
Rights and compliance
The participants shall guarantee that they will not violate any rights and legitimate interests of the owners of the copyright to the software used for participation in the hackathon.
The stages
The event will be held in 2 stages.
26 November - 3 December 2019
December 5-6, 2019


The hackathon is held to find and support talented and promising IT professionals and teams capable of creating products in the digital economy.

At the event, participants are given the opportunity to realize their ideas and continue developing skills: on the site, professionals form teams and build scientific and business ties with partners from around the world.
software developer
management personnel
specialists of IT companies
Participation requirements
To participate in the events of the hackathon, you must register on the site individually or as a team, mark the necessary information in the required registration fields and complete the task of the online stage of the hackathon.
Registration and completion of tasks of the online stage guarantees the provision of a diploma of the participant of the International hackathon and includes the finalist in the list recommended for selection for participation in the full-time stage of the hackathon in Kazakhstan. Anyone interested in IT-technologies can become a participant of the hackathon.
The event will be held in 2 countries.
Minsk, Republic of Belarus
27-28 of November, 2019
Nursultan, Kazakhstan
4-5 of December, 2019
What is a hackathon? Read on to find out.
Hackathons (from a combination of words "hacker" and "marathon") are gaining popularity nowadays. This is a space where teams made of representatives of various sectors, from developers to marketing specialists, designers and niche specialists, gather.

Generally, a hackathon has a theme, which can be finance, climate, gaming, etc. Any hackathon's goal is to solve some practical problems in the respective field. Interestingly, today hackathons are held not only to find solutions through programming and software engineering (hence the word "hacker" in the name) but also for offline projects.

A distinctive feature of a hackathon is that the people who barely know each other work together, on a tight schedule, to solve the ideas that seem impossible at times, and in just a couple of days they come up with a solution and work out an implementation plan.

The mission of the Federal Agency for the Commonwealth of Independent States Affairs, Compatriots Living Abroad, and International Humanitarian Cooperation (Rossotrudnichestvo) as part of the federal project Personnel for Digital Economy in line with the nationwide programme Digital Economy of the Russian Federation is to secure, through its events and initiatives, Russia's geopolitical interests by promoting cultural exchange, education and new technologies, as well as to build stronger relations and cooperation worldwide by preserving the highest level of professionalism, efficiency and sustainable development.