Human Resources Training for the Digital Economy
2nd International Teaching Conference
The 2nd Human Resources Training for the Digital Economy international teaching conference will bring together hundreds of teachersworking at Russian schools all over the world. This is becoming possible owing to digital technologies that are capturing increasingly more place in our lives.

The idea of the 2nd conference is to gather the digital practices, tools and solutions that are used in the training process, familiarise the educators across the globe with the most successful of those.

You may participate in the conference both in the online and in the offline modes. Irrespective of their location, the participants will be able to join the online broadcasting in one of the formats or, for instance, become an active participant by gathering a team for the Digithon. Access all the activities via a web portal.

For teachers of Russian schools and teachers at Russian schools abroad
Experts and IHLs
For Russian IHLs and experts
For heads of educational authorities
For developers of educational products
New practices, tools, and
participating countries
unique participation formats
all over the world
online broadcast sessions
The international conference takes place
on 17 September in Moscow.

Formats are venues to delve into the topic of applied digital technology applicable at schools, to learn the leading practices, to communicate and seek for partners, to share experience and create new solutions for school with the aid of maturing technology, for the questions and comprehensible answers in the subject of digitalised learning.
Using the resources of major projects, i.e. Data Lesson, Code Hour and so on, to improve the accessibility of high-quality educational products for Russian-speaking teachers and school students worldwide.

Preparing a checklist for those schools and teachers who are eager to make such lessons a common practice at their schools.

Topics for discussion:

1. Big Data
2. Digital Security
3. Digital Assistants
4. Artificial Intelligence
5. Digital Technology

During the Crush Test the participants will be able to demonstrate their educational product/project in the format of real engagement with the audience and get a feedback from the expert council – straight from the users and testers of your product. School students, parents, teachers and experts will comprise the expert board.

Topics for discussion:

1. Development in Mathematics, Computer Science and Manual Training
2. Digitalisation in School at Institutional Level
3. Digital Literacy
4. Competences

At the webinar for conference members, leader teachers will share their techniques of using digital tools in lessons.

Topics for discussion:

1. Promising Educational Projects
2. Adoption of Digital Tools
3. Digital Literacy
4. Competences

Digithon is an interactive format for an international strategic session. In concert with experts, the teams will put in place the criteria to evaluate success rate of lessons using the digital technology. Results of the sessions will be used for the wider audience in the further efforts.

Topics for discussion:

1. Development in Mathematics, Computer Science and Manual Training
2. Adoption of Digital Practices at School as the Teacher' Methodology and Toolbox
3. Digital Literacy, Competences and Technologies

Pass an online interview by completing a questionnaire and answering the questions. At the conference, analysts of top-notch research companies will share the digital literacy trends existing in the country and among the school teachers.

Topics for discussion:

1. Digital Literacy

Digital ethics becomes the main topic of the quest. The quest problematises the etiquette standards that are changing due to new technologies penetrating our living, making the gaming and the teaching format at the same time. Having passed the quest, the participants will dive into digital etiquette and have their digital competences trained.

Topics for discussion:

1. Competences
2. Succession
3. Digital Ethics

What issues does the International Teaching Conference solve?
Giving the teachers of various educational institutions an opportunity to convey their views, ideas, thoughts on how to arrange learning of the younger generation, the digital methods and technologies used in learning.
Demonstrating hands-on achievements in the teaching field and human resources training for the digital economy.
Proliferating the teaching experience in the field of digitisation.
Supporting and developing the scientific and methodical efforts of teachers in the field of digital pedagogy.
Presenting the contemporary forms and methods of organising the educational process.

To get registered for the conference:
Why should a teacher take part in the teaching conferences?
A teaching conference is more than a form of getting educated, it is more likely a method to make the public familiar with one's theories, and initial assessment of one's ideas in practice. What are the benefits of joining
a teaching conference? First and foremost, the ability to stay tuned on the relevant theoretical and practical teaching problems, while not being directly involved in science or narrow practice. Second, this is a chance to try and promote one's own idea, discuss it with the professionals, detect its weaknesses that need to be refined. Third, participation in teaching conferences gives impetus to professional advancement, upgrades the skill of public speaking and debating. The list can be expanded further. One thing is obvious: a teaching conference is the most efficient means to establish and maintain contacts among educators.
Conference partners
Partners of the International Teaching Conference: Institute of Education
NRU HSE, Prosveshcheniye Education Holding, NAFI Research Centre, Public Opinion Foundation.

The mission of the Federal Agency for the Commonwealth of Independent States Affairs, Compatriots Living Abroad, and International Humanitarian Cooperation (Rossotrudnichestvo) as part of the federal project Personnel for Digital Economy in line with the nationwide programme Digital Economy of the Russian Federation is to secure, through its events and initiatives, Russia's geopolitical interests by promoting cultural exchange, education and new technologies, as well as to build stronger relations and cooperation worldwide by preserving the highest level of professionalism, efficiency and sustainable development.