International hackathon Digital Age
Open new doors to the digital age
International hackathon Digital Age
The goal of the hackathon is to develop solutions based on neurotechnology and AI, VR and AR, big data, wireless technologies, robotic components and sensor technologies and to find practical applications for these solutions.

The project is supported by the Federal Agency for the Commonwealth of Independent States Affairs, Compatriots Living Abroad, and International Humanitarian Cooperation (Rossotrudnichestvo) as part of the federal project Personnel for Digital Economy in line with the national programme Digital Economy of the Russian Federation according to Decree No.547 of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 3 May 2019 On Approval of the Guidelines for Issuing Grants in Form of Subsidies from the Federal Budget to Non-Profit Organisations for Events Aimed at Promoting Best Practices of Improving Digital Literacy among Students of Russian Schools Abroad.
What is a hackathon? Read on to find out.
Hackathons (from a combination of words "hacker" and "marathon") are gaining popularity nowadays. This is a space where teams made of representatives of various sectors, from developers to marketing specialists, designers and niche specialists, gather.

Generally, a hackathon has a theme, which can be finance, climate, gaming, etc. Any hackathon's goal is to solve some practical problems in the respective field. Interestingly, today hackathons are held not only to find solutions through programming and software engineering (hence the word "hacker" in the name) but also for offline projects.

A distinctive feature of a hackathon is that the people who barely know each other work together, on a tight schedule, to solve the ideas that seem impossible at times, and in just a couple of days they come up with a solution and work out an implementation plan.

Hackathon is aimed at decisions with the use of technologies:
Technologies related to studying the nervous system and effect on its functioning;
Big Data
Technologies related to the processing of a huge amount of raw data;
Artificial Intelligence
Systems' capacity to serve functions which are traditionally represented as human functions;
Technologies of visualization and simulation of other senses in virtual world;
Wireless communications technology
Wireless information transfer technologies;
Robotics and sensors
Technologies related to robotics and sensors (actuating devices).
Countries that will host the events of this project:
Mexico City, Mexico
5-6 December
São Paulo, Brazil
10-11 December
Technologies have to be used for solving problems in the following fields:
State and society
Creating solutions concerned with the functioning, evaluating and improvement of efficiency of public and social institutions and related units.
Marketing and advertisement
Development of marketing systems, systems of attraction clients and interaction with them, systems of the analysis of the market, a product output on the market, distribution system, consumption, and pricing.
Media and entertainment
Developing and updating of products in entertainment, communications and media fields.
Education and staff members
Creation of educational and development products, projects and systems, as well as internal systems of recruitment, evaluation, development, and motivation of staff members.
The event will be held in three stages.
15 November-9 December
Register on the website and upload presentations on your ideas for the tasks in the categories described above
5-6 December, Mexico City, Mexico
10-11 December, São Paulo, Brazil
Come to the offline event and win!
Prizes and international coverage for the project implemented at the hackathon
To participate in the event, register at and submit your idea for a project dedicated to use of breakthrough technologies in one of four categories (in .pdf format) to
Fill in all fields of the registration form, upload your idea presentation in the presentation field using the following format:
- Nomination, project title, a brief description of the project (one slide);
- A brief description of the project's technologies (one slide);
- Project implementation plan within the framework of the hackathon, for example, in the format of a roadmap (one slide);
- Description of the project team including skills and experience of each team member, contact information (one-two slides).

Why should you participate in the hackathon?
What will the winners and participants get?
New friends
Make international friends for further project development
Equipment of the future
Neurointerface, virtual reality glasses, and other technologies for prototype development
Grant for the trip
Grant for the trip to ICPC 2020
World Finals in Russia for free
Free meals
Free meals and maximum comfort at the venue
Wide coverage of the project in Russian and foreign media
Project support
Winner's certificate and the full support of the project
To sign up for the hackathon as a participant, visit:
The mission of the Federal Agency for the Commonwealth of Independent States Affairs, Compatriots Living Abroad, and International Humanitarian Cooperation (Rossotrudnichestvo) as part of the Personnel for Digital Economy federal project in line with the national program Digital Economy of the Russian Federation is to secure, through its events and initiatives, Russian geopolitical interests by promoting cultural exchange, education and new technologies as well as to build strong relations and cooperation worldwide at the highest level of professionalism, efficiency and sustainability.

Hackathon's partners and coordinators
About the Centre
International Coordination Digital Centre
The International Coordination Digital Centre is a committee of the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation.

The goal of the International Coordination Digital Centre is to promote development of digital economy and e-government, carry out international IT cooperation programmes, facilitate the export of Russian innovative products, carry out business accelerator programs and initiatives to promote digital entrepreneurship.

The International Coordination Digital Centre was established based on the Coordination Centre, a permanent body of the Inter-Governmental Commission on Digital Cooperation in accordance with the Inter-Governmental Agreement on Digital Cooperation 1969.

Supporting competitiveness of Russian ICT and product launches at global markets;
Facilitating development and implementation of the national information security strategy;
Facilitating implementation of international programmes aimed at prevention of cyber threats and cyber crime, improvement of information security and building a safe and secure ICT infrastructure;
Facilitating development of the ICT community and ecosystem. Raising personnel qualification levels;
Facilitating international cooperation in ICT;
Promoting information technologies and digital competences. Promoting cyber sports and technical sports.